Rent Control in India – Obstacles for Urban Reform

Rent Control in India – Obstacles for Urban Reform


Volume 4 Issue 1 ()

Rent Control has been one of the foremost welfare measures that have survived in India. The governments of various countries have tried from time to time to make sure the laws are apt to meet the requirements. In the first decade of the 21st century, however, rent control has been seen as an obstacle to urban reforms. The paper takes a look at the extant legal regime and the proposed changes. It needs to be noted that the proposed reform was introduced in the form of the Model Rent Control Legislation in 1992, yet only five states have implemented the same. The only upside is that about ten states have proposed bills as of 2010. In the course of this paper we attempt to analyse as to what extent the proposed changes tackle the problems faced under the extant regime. Further, in light of the examples put forth by the existing states that have implemented new age laws, we seek to suggest improvements.

Cite as: Aditya Alok & Pankti Vora, Rent Control in India – Obstacles for Urban Reform, 4 NUJS L. Rev. 81 (2011)

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