Contempt of Court: Finding the Limit

Contempt of Court: Finding the Limit


Volume 2 Issue 1 ()

The propensity of the judiciary in recent times to frequently exercise its contempt jurisdiction has led to a burning debate on the justifiability of such powers of the court. In this context, we have made a humble attempt to examine the genesis of this power of the court, which has been subject to many an academic debate. This paper also throws light on the contentious issues concerning the recent cases where the authority and integrity of the Apex Court of the country have been questioned, and the way in which such questions have been answered. We have made an objective effort to examine the justifications put forth by the judiciary in its defence, especially in light of the rapidly changing image and role of the judiciary in a modern democratic setup.

Cite as: Mriganka Shekhar Dutta & Amba Uttara Kak, Contempt of Court: Finding the Limit, 2 NUJS L. Rev. 55 (2009)

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