Evolution of a Happy Society

Evolution of a Happy Society


Volume 4 Issue 3 ()

While the country is moving towards realizing the goal of achieving the vision of a developed India by 2020, there are still many challenges to be met for accelerating the progress and realizing the goal within nine years. Since I am amidst students and patrons of law, I will discuss the relationship between the importance of building a society with dignity of life and national economic development which will result in people living in a clean and green environment without pollution, having prosperity without poverty, peace without fear of war and a happy place to live for all citizens of the nation. In this context, let me share with you a few thoughts on the topic ‘Evolution of A Happy Society…

Cite as: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Evolution of a Happy Society, 4 NUJS L. Rev. 339 (2011)

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