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NUJS Law Review is the sprouting of a seed long embedded in my heart. Ever since the early years of my entry into law, when I came across some of the law school reviews from abroad, especially the United States, I have longed for similar reviews from our law schools. Some of the law schools such as Lucknow, Delhi, Jaipur; some organizations such as the All India Law Teachers’ Association and some enterprising law teachers took the initiative of bringing out law reviews but could not proceed beyond a few and sporadic issues. The Journal of the Indian Law Institute is perhaps the only academic law review, which has survived since its inception. Some of the professional journals primarily devoted to the reporting of judicial decisions of the superior courts such as the All India Reporter, Madras Law Journal, Bombay Law Reporter, Calcutta Weekly Notes, Kerala Law Times and others occasionally published a few academic writings. The Bar Council of India also initiated a journal soon after its establishment in the early sixties, which was later renamed as the Indian Bar Review. Some of the writings in these journals could undoubtedly be compared with any good writings in the law journals abroad but they did not create a system of legal research and writing assuring continuity, quality and frequency…

Cite as: Mahendra P. Singh, Foreword, 1 NUJS L. Rev. 1 (2008)

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