Convocation Address

Convocation Address


Volume 5 Issue 2 ()

Justice Altamas Kabir, Vice Chancellor Professor Ishwara Bhat, Justice Chittatosh Mukerjee, the learned members of the General Council, distinguished guests, colleagues and above all dear students, I am honoured by your gracious invitation to be with you on this occasion for many reasons. This event is a happy one for me as well because it is presided over by His Lordship Justice Altamas Kabir whose contribution to the ways of constitutional justicing remains an enduring national asset indeed. To once again be in the presence of Justice Chittatosh Mookerjee enhances my joy, if only because without his sterling contribution to the life of NUJS, its many splendoured achievements would have had a more difficult passage…

Cite as: Upendra Baxi, Convocation Address, 5 NUJS L. Rev. 163 (2012)

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